Book Review: ‘Double Eclipse’ by Melissa de la Cruz

On November 8, Putnam Books released Melissa de la Cruz’s new novel, Double Eclipse. While the book, like it’s predecessor, is definitely written for older teens due to its content, the characters have grown to be less self-absorbed making the book more enjoyable.

Molly and Mardi Overbrook have returned to East End for a quiet summer with loved ones. Mardi will be staying with her boyfriend, Trent, while Molly bunks with her Aunt Ingrid’s family. However, the summer becomes much more exciting when their mother and an ancient prophecy surface and turn their lives into a whirlwind. Is the twins’ relationship sturdy enough to withstand the changes or will the turmoil wedge a knife between them?

I liked this book better than the first in the series, Triple Moon. The twins are still full of sass but are less self-centered. In the first novel, they were insufferable, but now they care about the people around them and each other. You can sympathize with them more when things go wrong. It’s still a story full of underage drinking with one sex scene. As a plus, sex only happened after falling in love and it wasn’t explicit. I would recommend the book for mature teens.

Overall, the story was enjoyable. I wish we had learned more about the girls’ mother, but I liked how relationships progressed from the first novel. I’ll definitely be looking for the next in the series to find out what happens. If you’re a fan of witchy YA fiction, this series looks like it’s going to be fun. You just have to bear with the main characters through the first novel while they grow up a bit emotionally. 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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