Yureka Books December bubble mailer

Unboxing: Yureka Books December

Yureka Books is a subscription service that sends out monthly packages of books only, catered to your interests. They have you fill out a questionnaire with specific likes and dislikes, favored genres and links to your readings lists on sites like Goodreads. You then choose how many books you’d like to receive per month and voila! They curate a shipment just for you. I tried out their $40 three book shipment for December. Here’s how they did.

Everything was shipped in the bubble mailer shown above for safety. All my books arrived without damage. No bending or creasing. Hooray!


Inside the bubble mailer, the books were wrapped in pretty blue tissue paper with a happy holidays insert telling me that they added a bonus book as a holiday gift. Such a nice surprise! There was also an envelope with my name on the outside.


Inside the envelope was a handwritten note which I thought was a nice touch. It explained what types of books were chosen and wished me happy holidays. There were also three blank bookplates so I can add my name to my selections. They were very attractive with sticker backings.


All of the books in my bag were off of my Goodreads TBR list. The first two were Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige and The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy. I didn’t own either of these yet, but they were high on my want list, so they were the perfect choice for me.


The next two books in the pack were also from my Goodreads list, but unfortunately, I had already bought them recently. I’ve since gone back through my TBR list and deleted any books I already own so I don’t run into this problem again. I didn’t think of it ahead of time. However, no foul because I’m going to give them to book-loving friends for Christmas. As you can see, the books were A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and Heartless by Marissa Meyer. The top two tiers of book options from Yureka send you a new release. Heartless fulfilled that category this time around. It’s a great read, by the way! Review coming soon!

Overall, Yureka Books gets 5 stars from me. The value of the books plus the individualized service that goes into each shipment goes well above the cost in my opinion. They’re the ideal club for those who want to read without the frills and undesired gadgets of other boxes. You can choose from a $17 package with 2 paperback books, a $30 subscription with 1 hardcover and 1 paperback book, or a total of 3 paperbacks if you don’t get a new release, and a $40 subscription with 1 hardcover and 2 paperback books, or a total of 4 paperbacks if you don’t get a new release. Pick the option that best fits your budget!

If you’re interested in checking them out for yourself, click here to get all of the information you need to make your decision.


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