Book Review: ‘Heartless’ by Marissa Meyer

On November 8, Feiwel & Friends released Marissa Meyer’s villain origin story, Heartless. The dark story has an optimistic heroine making it both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Cath is the daughter of a Marquess who is being forced to court the King of Hearts, but all she really wants to do is bake. She and her maid, Mary Ann, just need a financial backer so they can start the most popular bakery in Wonderland. With Cath’s skill in the kitchen and Mary Ann’s head for numbers, it should be easy, right? In the meantime, Cath reluctantly courts the king while simultaneously falling in love with his court jester. Can Cath get everything she wants? Sadly, we all know who she becomes.

Meyer’s storytelling is breathtaking, bringing new life to an array of favorite characters. We glimpse the Hatter before he goes mad and the Cheshire Cat in all his gossipy splendor. We get a look at what makes the Queen of Hearts so angry and unreasonable. Cath starts off as an extraordinary girl full of dreams and ends up an empty shell. It’s difficult to watch because you fall in love with her and absolutely want her life to work out. The world has other plans, but you know that before you pick up the book.

I loved this story. I’m a die-hard Alice fan and I love a good retelling of a classic story. If you or your teen enjoy villain origin stories with a Grimm fairytale feel, you’ll enjoy this book. See into the heart of the Queen of Hearts by picking up a copy today.


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