Product Review: Heavenly Tea

Many readers enjoy a cup of tea while getting cozy with a book. If that’s you, you’ll want to read this review. Heavenly Tea is a company that makes artisanal and organic tea blends. While shipping is a bit pricey, their products have an amazing taste and are well worth the cost. They work with a variety of teas from herbal to Rooibos to Pu-erh. I’m a long time customer and picked up three flavors this month. Two were bags to replace favorites I’d run out of and the other was to stock up for cold season. Here’s what I bought.

Heavenly Tea January 2017

The first bag I bought was a 4 oz. pouch of Chocolate Almond Green tea. It’s made of whole leaf green tea, extraordinarily small chocolate chips, coconut and almonds. It’s like dessert in a cup. The chocolate chips are small enough that they disintegrate leaving just their flavor but no grit – it’s definitely a tea and not hot cocoa. The tea is delicious and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up when you need a bit of caffeine.

The second bag was a 4 oz. pouch of Chocolate Pu-erh tea. I discovered Pu-erh teas last year and they’ve been a favorite ever since. They’re a type of fermented dark tea with an earthy flavor. This one adds the same miniscule chocolate chips as my first bag for an added sweetness. Pu-erh tea is high in caffeine and soothing for bellies. I enjoy it some mornings in place of my first cup of coffee.

The last bag I bought was a 2 oz. pouch of Cold Comfort blend. It’s a mix made to be soothing on sore throats and congested heads. The tea is completely organic and is made from chamomile flowers, peppermint leaf, licorice root and lemon peel. I haven’t steeped it yet, but it smells heavenly. The odor of mint and chamomile really stand out. I think it will be a great addition to our arsenal when the winter colds come calling.

It’s very rare that I’m disappointed with anything from Heavenly Tea. The only flavor I’ve found that I didn’t like so far was Blueberry Delight. The hibiscus in it made it turn out bitter for me instead of berry sweet.

Customer service is always quick to fix any problems you may have with your order. For instance, my Chocolate Pu-erh bag this month was a bit short on weight. I wrote the owner and he’s mailing me out enough to bring it up to its specified 4 oz. No argument, and almost instant reply. They really know how to take care of their customers.

And don’t worry about buying specific tea canisters to keep everything fresh. Each pouch is resealable. Just squeeze out the excess air and zip it shut like a Ziploc bag. They really do think of everything.

Prices of tea flavors vary and standard shipping is $7.99 in the United States. While that may seem steep, the quality of the tea is above par with flavors you won’t find anywhere else. The company is located in Great Neck, NY and shipping moves fairly quickly.

Want to try them out for yourself? Click here to see all of their offerings. If you have extra money to spend, they have a club where they send out two of their $30 samplers every two months with reduced shipping. Each sampler consists of four 1.5 oz. cans of tea. They last a while and are a great way to sample new flavors without buying a full bag. Looking to go cheaper? They also sell sample sized bags of most of their flavors for $3. Enjoy!

4 out of 5 stars


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