Unboxing: Boca Java Stars Hollow Coffee Club

If your favorite beverage to curl up with when reading is coffee and you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, the Boca Java Stars Hollow Coffee Club is just what you need. Boca Java is a coffee subscription company and their Stars Hollow plan sends you coffee with a Gilmore Girls theme. You can pick from four varieties and the sporadic seasonal selection. They range from flavored to medium or dark roast. You can also add on Boca Java’s non-Gilmore coffees once you get going. Here’s what was in my first order.

Boca Java Stars Hollow Coffee Club button

My order was shipped in a priority USPS box was the Boca Java logo. The coffee was roasted within a few days of shipping and it got here quickly. At the top of the box was a giant magnetic button with an ad for the service. They’re sponsored by Lit-Cube who also creates the Stars Hollow Monthly box, a Gilmore Girls traditional subscription. The button also had a stand on the back in case you wanted to display it on a shelf. I’m not sure if they throw something extra in every box or if it was because this was my first shipment, but it was cute. I placed it on the front of my fridge.

Boca Java Stars Hollow Coffee Club bags

The three coffees that I received were Sookie’s Gourmet Blend, Luke’s No-Nonsense Special and the seasonal Autumn Festival. The Sookie and Luke blends were whole bean, while Autumn Festival was a universal grind. I found them all to be very fresh. Luke’s No-Nonsense Special is a plain medium roast with an upscale diner flavor. Very nice when I’m looking for a straight-up cup of Joe. Sookie’s Gourmet Blend is vanilla, caramel and Kahlua flavored. It reminds me very much of the Kahlua brand coffee we buy on special occasions and was a couple of dollars cheaper which was nice. Autumn Festival had a pumpkin spice taste that was just enough, not overpowering. Both the Sookie and Autumn coffees had a smooth medium roast beneath the flavor – no burnt or bitter flavor.

Each bag of coffee was $7.99 with a flat $5.95 shipping fee no matter how much you buy, which can be a steal depending on how much coffee you drink. I love that you can personalize your subscription by setting it to mail out with as many weeks between shipments as you wish. My fiancé and I are very different in our coffee tastes, so these three bags are just for me. Therefore, they’ll probably last a while and I can change my shipments to match whatever schedule I need them to.

If you’re looking for good coffee at a reasonable price, click here for information on the Stars Hollow Coffee Club. If you’re looking for Boca Java’s other subscriptions, you can find them here.


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