Unboxing: Go Indie Now! ‘Bibliotherapy’ box / Literary Vacation Club ‘The Holiday’ box

Go Indie Now!, who have since renamed themselves the Literary Vacation Club, are a book club that sends out independently published novels and items to tantalize your senses. For example, with their two book “The Holiday” box they’ll send out a recipe or food item to taste; an art print, button or other visual to see; Spotify playlists based on the novels to hear; an item related to the theme to touch such as jewelry, bookmarks or fashion accessories plus something to smell like a scent pack, candle or soap. They’ve also added a bonus bookish item since I received this past box. Their one book box, called “The Weekender,” only sends out items for 3 senses with no bonus. I got the two book box under their Go Indie Now! name. The theme for December was Fallen Angels. Here’s what I found inside.

Go Indie Now! December 2016 wrapped gifts

Everything was packed in a bright green bubble mailer, shown up top. I was a little worried that items wouldn’t arrive in good shape without being in a box, but inside everything was individually wrapped for extra padding and it all got here safely.

Go Indie Now! December 2016 wrapped book

The wrapping this month was holiday themed and came with a note telling me exactly what was inside the packages. I decided to unwrap everything before looking at the note.

Go Indie Now! December 2016 card

On top of my goodies was a holiday card with a glitter icicle ornament inside. I hung it on my tree and it reflected the lights nicely. It was a nice surprise addition to the package.

Go Indie Now! December 2016 necklace

Under the card were my items to smell, see and touch. To smell was a scent pack from Adventurescents that is supposed to bring to mind the setting in this month’s main book selection. It was a bit over-perfumey for my nose, but I’m sure some people will enjoy it.

To see was a magnet with a quote related to this month’s selected book. It’s pretty and sticks well. To touch was a pretty universe themed necklace. I think it’s beautiful and I hope to get a lot of use out of it.

Go Indie Now! December 2016 books

Last in the package were my new books and a star lollipop. The universe themed goodies this month were based on the Fallen Angel novel, Before a Million Universes by T.W.R. Shelton. It looks like a YA Dystopian read and while it doesn’t have many reviews, they all seem to be positive. It also came with a signed bookplate that looks like a library stamp card.

The second book this month was a spiritually healing novel, Trusting the Currents by Lynnda Pollio. It won 12 separate awards for its visionary writing. I haven’t had a chance to read either of the novels yet, but they sound captivating. I also have not eaten the lollipop, but it’s pretty to look at. I assume it tastes like plain sugar. Lollipops all tend to be similar.

Overall, I was very happy with this box. I loved the themed items and the novels look great. There were playlists for the novels as well that I thought were very creative. If you’re interested in signing up, the Holiday box sells for $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping to the US. Worldwide shipping is also available. The Weekender box is only $14.99 plus shipping. To check out their website, click here.


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