Product Review: Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Not only am I a tea connoisseur, I am also a fan of plant based therapies, be it herbal remedies or aromatherapy. I don’t rely on them for everything. I am a huge advocate of getting the medical treatment and medications you need from your doctor. However, I believe in rounding out my care and giving more mainstream treatments a helping hand. I will say this, always check with your doctor before trying holistic therapies to be sure there are no contraindications to your current roster of medicines.

Anyway, that being said, my depression and anxiety had been acting up and making life damn near impossible this month. I talked to my aromatherapist cousin who pointed me towards Plant Therapy – a website that sells essential oils and blends at reasonable prices. I ended up picking up quite a few things to help get me over the hump. Here’s what was in my box.

Plant Therapy Product Review oils

I ordered four different oils. I knew I was looking for citrus scents to combat the depression and I’d heard that spices like cinnamon and cloves were also helpful. I ended up with the Holiday Season Synergy Blend, Winter Wassail Synergy Blend, Otis Blend from their Kids Safe line and the Tranquil Synergy Blend.

Holiday Season mixes orange, cinnamon cassia, ginger and nutmeg. It’s a bit heavy, but I’m looking forward to trying it in a diffuser. By the way, fellow pet-owners, dogs can handle certain oils, but keep diffusers away from cats, reptiles, birds and small mammals. Also, while some oils are okay for children, there are a great number that aren’t. Do your research before applying oils to your kiddo.

I thought Winter Wassail was really stinky. It was davana, cinnamon bark, sweet orange, nutmeg and clove bud. To me it smelled like really strong spiced whiskey. I couldn’t handle it and will be sending it back. Plant Therapy does free returns for any reason. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll give you your money back. Thank goodness.

The Tranquil Synergy blend was my favorite. It mixes bergamot, patchouli, blood orange, ylang ylang and grapefruit oils for a scent that’s both citrusy and earthy. I’ve been placing it in a diffuser necklace to wear during the day to calm panic attacks. I also made it into a 2% dilution topical oil, though the scent doesn’t last as long that way. Never wear oils directly out of the bottle unless they’re pre-diluted and always make sure they’re not oils that will irritate skin.

Plant Therapy Product Review Otis

My last oil, Otis blend, goes with this little guy. He’s my new bed buddy. He’s incredibly soft and has a diffuser built into a Velcro pouch on his back. You place kid safe oils on felt pads and put them in the diffuser case. The Otis blend that came with him is formulated to be safe for ages 2-10 and it’s a blend of lemon, German chamomile, and vanilla giving him the calming scent of lemon cookies. I had taken to sleeping with a teddy bear to calm my nerves at night, but Otis is better. With him, I can sleep with a diffuser in my bed and because of the way he’s made, my kitty can still share the space.

If you don’t like lemon cookies or you’re looking for a different diffuser buddy, Plant Therapy has 3 plushies and oils to choose from. I tried a sample of PJ’s oil from my cousin and it’s very citrusy – like Fruit Loops. I liked it even better than the Otis blend. His plushie looks like an abstract elephant. Coco is a bird and his oil is mandarin and spearmint. They sell the oils separate from the plushies as well and I plan to collect them all. They’re very pleasing to the nose.

The oils I ordered are certainly easing the symptoms of my depression and anxiety a bit. I find myself having less panic attacks and being calmer in general. Plant Therapy’s prices are very affordable and they offer a $10 coupon off of $25 or more when you sign up for their newsletter. I plan on ordering some additional oils in February with my coupon. They have blends to help with everything from calming tummies to soothing skin to killing germs. If you’ve talked to your doctor and are ready to give them a try, check them out here.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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