SoBakeable December 2016 feature

Product Review: SoBakeable December 2016

So, I thought you guys might want to take a peek at my SoBakeable review on SoBakeable is a service that sends out everything you need to bake two desserts, minus the wet ingredients and bakeware. If you want to pay three months in advance, you can get a significant discount and free shipping as a subscriber. If you only want one month at a time, you’ll have to order your boxes individually and pay shipping, but the desserts are to die for.

SoBakeable December 2016 Fancy Thumbprint Cookies

I made their Fancy Thumbprint Cookies and non-alcoholic Champagne Cupcakes and they both melted in the mouth. Even my fiance who isn’t a fan of champagne gobbled everything up like it was going out of style. They have lots of past boxes to choose from or pre-order the current month’s box. They’re a bit on the pricey side so we won’t be buying them all the time, but they would be the perfect gift for the baker in your life. Or buy a box and make something special for a loved one. Either way, you’re sure to make them very happy.

See my full review here.

4 out of 5 stars


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