Unboxing: Bubbles and Books January 2017

I indulge in the finest things life has to offer: reading, tea, aromatherapy, the occasional glass of cinnamon whiskey and of course, nice hot baths – with or without bubbles. I even occasionally read in the bath, though it’s usually reserved for books I’ll only read once like steamy paranormal romance novels. That way if there’s a bit of water damage, I don’t cry. To help me support this habit, I signed up to try Bubbles & Books.

Bubbles & Books is a subscription service that mails out bath and other luxury items with an independently published romance novel in the genre of your choosing. It’s actually one of the more affordable book boxes on the market and you can pick from Bad Boy, Swept Away (historical romance), or Luxe (paranormal romance). I’m all about supernatural and fantasy reads, even in my romances, so Luxe was the perfect fit.

As you can see above, everything was packed nice and pretty in a plain white box with their logo stamped on the side. The pink sparkly tissue paper was a nice touch and everything got here safely.

Bubbles & Books January 2017 bath items

Just under the paper, I found my bath items. I got a bar of homemade sea salt soap (say that three times fast!), a bath bomb and a new body pouf. I used the bomb the day I received the box. It was chocolate mint scented and it dissolved quickly and thoroughly, leaving just enough moisturizers in the water to feel luxurious without my skin remaining oily afterward. Great quality, great smell and I believe it was from a small business, not a giant corporation, which I like. I forgot to look up pricing, but a single handmade bath bomb normally runs between $5-7.

I haven’t tried the soap yet just because I have too many open already, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s supposed to be good for dry skin and eczema which I have, so I’m hoping for good things. It’s vegan and sells on Etsy for $8.00. The body pouf doesn’t feel cheaply made. It’s just an average pouf that you’d find at the drug store. I don’t use them often since I prefer soap to body wash, but my niece does sleepovers here. Next time she needs a shower I’ll give this to her. It’s probably worth about $3-5

Bubbles & Books January 2017 A Sacred Vow by Willa Thorne

Under the soapy goodies was this month’s novel and a cute little extra. The extra was two drink singles to mix into a water bottle. One was margarita flavored, the other was pina colada and they each came with a little paper umbrella. How adorable is that? I tried the pina colada packet (complete with umbrella) which was incredibly sweet. I didn’t expect it to be so saccharine since it was sugar free, but I drank it anyway. I’m a little wary of trying the margarita flavor, but I’m hoping it will be better.

The novel for January’s Luxe box was A Sacred Vow by Willa Thorne. It’s vampire erotica about the forbidden love between the hunter and the hunted. The book is fairly new, just published in September, and it sells for $10.70 on Amazon.

So, altogether everything in this box added up to more than the $24 cost. The beauty items were top quality and the book is perfect for reading in the bath. If you love romance, Bubbles & Books is the ultimate luxury box. You get to fully relax and enjoy a novel that you may not have heard of otherwise. Best of all, shipping is free to the US! What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

4 out of 5 stars


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