My Discount DVD Club feature

Unboxing: My Discount DVD Club January 2017

My sweetie and I really bonded over our love of movies. We each have a good sized DVD/Blu-ray collection that we merged when we moved in together and some of our favorite dates have been to the local multiplex. We enjoy adding to our collection on a regular basis with favorite movies or those we think we’ll enjoy, but films tend to be pricey. After finding My Discount DVD Club, our supply has been pretty steady.

My Discount DVD Club is a subscription service that mails out two DVDs or Blu-rays plus a bag of microwave popcorn and a handful of assorted candy for only $8.99. They always have an interesting selection to choose from with everything from fairly new films to old classics. They’ll send you a list of available movies on the 25th of each month in a wide variety of genres and you pick the two that you like best. Want to be surprised? There’s an option for that too!

Because they’re so cheap, I buy three boxes every month. You’ll see the packaging at the top of this review. They always mail in plain white boxes with their logo sticker pasted to the top. Inside, everything in packed in tissue paper. This month the paper was red. No broken cases so far and I’ve been subscribed since they first opened late last year.

My Discount DVD Club Tomb Raider Godzilla

Here are the contents of the first box. The movies were my honey’s picks for the month. They were Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life on DVD and 1998’s Godzilla on Blu-ray. Prices for these items are $5.97 and $7.59 respectively on Amazon giving this box a value of $13.56 before adding in the edible goodies.

Included as always was a package of popcorn and some candy. Normally the popcorn has the brand on it, but not always as it’s not marked for individual sale. I’m not sure what brand this month’s bag was, but we tried some last night and it was tasty. Do any of you recognize the packet?

This month’s candy haul had Nerds, M&Ms, Laffy Taffy, Sweet Tarts and Gobstoppers. My Discount DVD Club always sends name brand sweets. Mike likes to dig into the candy immediately, so it rarely lasts until movie night, but we still enjoy it.

My Discount DVD Club January 2017 We Own the Night It's Complicated

This is box number two. The movies were both on Blu-ray. We Own the Night looked like something Mike & I could enjoy together and It’s Complicated is a fun romantic comedy that I’ve always loved. They sell for $6.99 and $5.00 on Amazon giving this box a value of $11.99 before treats.

The popcorn in this box was the same as the first, but the candy included Trolli sour gummy worms, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Sweet Tarts, a chunk of bubble gum and a watermelon Now and Later. I love gummies, so I was happy to trade them to Mike for some of the banana Laffy Taffy which is a favorite of his. Splitting the candy is half the fun of receiving these boxes.

My Discount DVD Club January 2017 Stepford Wives Sunshine Cleaning

On to box number three. This one contained a special collector’s edition of The Stepford Wives on DVD. I loved this movie when it first came out but forgot about it over the years. I was pleased to see it on the list of choices. The second movie was Sunshine Cleaning on Blu-ray which I’ve always meant to see but never got around to. The movies from this club are cheap enough that if I don’t enjoy it, I can just pass it on without feeling like I lost a lot of money. The films in this box cost $6.75 and $8.10 on Amazon. Added together, the value of this box is $14.85 before the sweets and salt.

This box’s candy was much like the first box with the addition of peanut M&Ms and a lonely Lemonhead. The popcorn bag was the same as the other two boxes.

This box would make a fun gift for the movie lover in your life, or a cheap monthly date night or family movie night. They have kids’ movies, family films, horror, sci-fi, romance, thrillers and more. For $8.99 you can’t go wrong and the owners are always making small changes to improve service. The only reason I can think of not to get it is if you’re allergic to the treats since at this point in time, they don’t cater to special diets.

If you want your own movie night this month, stop over to the My Discount DVD Club website to sign up.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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