Unboxing: DateBox Club February 2017 Dip & Play subscription box

My fiancé and I have been together for almost 8 years now and sometimes it feels like we’re in a dating rut. We either order food in and watch a movie or go see one in the theater. Occasionally we mix it up but not often.

I’m a homebody, so when I found out we could get a unique date night in for less than the cost of a night out, I jumped on it. What I found is that some date boxes are better than others. DateBox Club is the third club I tried and is one of the best. They’re always fun and they don’t skimp on their items. Everything is name brand and good quality. Here’s what I found in their February Dip & Play box.

The items were shipped in a white box. As seen above, they include an envelope on top with the layout of the date. The card inside tells you what items you’ll find in the box and how to use them. The package is full of tissue paper and everything always arrives in one piece.

DateBox Club Dip & Play fondue

The first thing in my box was a fondue set complete with chocolate and marshmallow dippers. Also in the picture is the card I found in my envelope. The fondue pot is one where you microwave the chocolate in the ceramic dish and then put it over a candle flame to keep it warm. It came with 4 fondue forks with plastic handles.

The chocolate was a bag of Wilton dark chocolate candy melts. A good brand, they melted easily and the flame kept the resulting goo hot and drippy. The marshmallows were repackaged, so I don’t know what brand they were, but they were soft and tasty. We bought strawberries, graham crackers and chopped pineapple to dip too.

DateBox Club Dip & Play game

Also in the box was a game where you read a category and your partner must name 4 things that fit. The cards ranged from tame to naughty and there was a timer to make it interesting. If your partner can’t name 4, they have to feed you something chocolate covered. Mike’s not good under pressure, so to make the game more enjoyable for him, we eliminated the hourglass and ate our goodies separate from the activity. It was fun and we did about half of the deck.

We enjoyed this box. Fondue might be a little cliché as a Valentine’s date, but it was still entertaining. The items in this package probably add up to less than the value we paid. However, I’m willing to pay a little extra for a unique date that I don’t have to plan. This box is great for couples with kids because you don’t have to find a sitter. Just put them to bed and start your date!

I had to skip March’s shipment to save money, but I always find myself going back to them. Every month is a different activity. It looks like March is a tropical game night and they still have a few left! To sign up, click here.

4 out of 5 stars


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