OwlCrate February 2017 Run Away With the Circus box

Unboxing: OwlCrate February 2017 Run Away With the Circus subscription box

OwlCrate was the very first subscription box I ever tried and it remains one of my favorites. I’ve tried an abundance of YA book boxes and OwlCrate remains at the top of the list. They consistently send high-quality items of value and a brand-new hardcover, often signed by the author. Like any service, they have their off months, but they’re few and far between. February’s theme was Run Away With the Circus and it didn’t disappoint.

As viewed above, OwlCrate ships in their own amazing logoed box. Seeing it in my mailbox always brings on excitement.

OwlCrate February 2017 Run Away With the Circus inside

Inside, everything is packed in shredded cardboard and topped with a beautiful, artistic card with a list of items on the back. I haven’t had any issues with things arriving broken.

OwlCrate February 2017 Run Away With the Circus tote

There were quite a few items aside from the book this month. There was a gorgeous red tote bag with a quote from The Night Circus on it. This book has been on my TBR pile since it came out and I feel like I really need to read it now that I’ll be carrying around a quote. I’ve heard plenty of good things, so I’ll be working it in soon.

I also got a candle from Frostbeard Studio. Their scents are always amazing and this one is no different. It smells like caramel popcorn, roasted chestnuts and bonfire – absolutely delicious. I could happily live inside this candle.

There were two paper items included. One was a notepad by Attic Journals made from old casino playing cards. The other was book flag stickies with circus drawings on them. So cute!

Lastly, there was a lip balm, a button pin and a small quote print from this month’s book. The lip balm by Geek Fire Labs was supposed to be mini donut scented, but mine didn’t have a scent. Really, it smelled and tasted like Crisco, which was not impressive. However, it did glide on nicely and stay a reasonable amount of time, so it will get used eventually. This month’s button featured flying acrobats for the circus theme and the quote card will get used as a bookmark.

OwlCrate February 2017 Run Away With the Circus book

In addition to the hands-on items, there was, of course, this month’s book, Caraval by Stephanie Garber. From the blurb, it looks like some kind of intriguing dystopian fantasy story. The novel came with a signed bookplate and a sneak peek of the audiobook. I won’t use the latter, but I love a signed book. I immediately placed the plate inside the cover.

OwlCrate always goes above and beyond on value. Their service lands just under $40 with shipping, but it’s worth the price. While I occasionally skip a month if I’m not interested in the theme, I don’t see myself quitting their service anytime soon. I’ve been with them for a year already and can definitely see myself going on for years to come. If you love YA, give them a try by clicking here.


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