Unboxing: Peaches & Petals February 2017 Made With Love Subscription Box

Okay, time to catch up on some February subscription boxes. I try to do my reviews the month after so as not to give spoilers to any unsuspecting subscribers who happen to wander in. Some people like to know ahead of time, but others get really upset, so I err on the side of caution.

Anyway, Peaches & Petals is one of my favorite subscription boxes. It’s one of my few non-book related subscriptions. Full of lifestyle goodies, it really varies by the month. There are other lifestyle boxes on the market, but none so reasonably priced as Peaches & Petals which sells for only $19.99, shipping included. Wow, right? February’s theme was Made With Love. Here’s what was inside.

Up top, you’ll see that this month’s subscription was shipped in a plain brown box with a logo sticker. The inside was packed with pink shredded cardboard and everything arrived safely.

Peaches & Petals Made With Love February 2017 cookie pan

First up in the box were a baking pan and two ceramic coasters. The pan makes four heart shaped sugar cookie pops – just add your own sticks and follow the recipe that’s included. Easy peasy. I need to remember to buy oven-safe lollipop sticks so I can try it out, but Wilton is usually a very reliable brand of bakeware.

The coasters were probably my favorite item in this month’s box. So cute, they read, “Take a pizza my heart now, baby!” We’re pizza lovers in this house and I adore puns, so these were made for me.

Peaches & Petals February 2017 Made With Love collar

The last three items in this month’s shipment were a book, a bath bomb and a collar for winter weather. The book is full of fun little beauty and health tips that you can easily do from home. Who doesn’t need a little extra pampering? And speaking of pampering, bath fizzies are always great. I haven’t had a chance to use this one yet because I recently got stitches, but I’m counting down the days until I can.

The winter collar was made of fleece and has a zipper for when you get too hot. It’s to be used in place of a scarf and tucked under your coat. My fiancé needed something better for his winter wanderings (he lost his scarf and can’t use mine because they’re too girly) and it’s a unisex item, so I gave this collar to him. He loves it! If he overheats on his way walking up the big hill from the store to our home, all he needs to do is unzip it a bit to let some cooler air hit his neck. No unwinding and rewinding of a bulky scarf.

Peaches & Petals always sends fun items that add up to a higher price than the box. In the past, I’ve received a Bluetooth speaker, mugs, candles, makeup, a coloring book, jewelry and loads of other useful things. If you want to give them a try, click here to sign up.


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