The Graces by Laure Eve

Book Review: ‘The Graces’ by Laure Eve

The blurb on the book jacket of The Graces by Laure Eve sounded intriguing. Teen witches who rule the school and get what they want. It’s every loner teen’s dream. Unfortunately, the story fell short of its aspirations to be the next Buffy. Though the writing style was pleasing, the characters were unlikeable and the story slow moving. I had to force myself to finish it.

Here’s the premise of the book. The Graces are a powerful family in a small town, rumored to be witches. Everyone wants to be them or be with them, but they’re very close knit and resentful of outsiders. In comes River, the new girl at school with no friends. Somehow she’s picked up by these forces of nature and brought into their inner circle until everything goes terribly wrong. Who’s the true villain in this twisty story? Will River discover where she belongs?

So, where do I start? River was whiny and obnoxious. She’s conceited, assuming that she’s too good to spend time with other kids in her high school besides the Graces. She believes she was born for bigger and better things, and while that may be true to an extent, I can see why she had no friends. The Graces were just as bad. While they were loyal to each other, they were flaky when it came to friendships – using people as they saw fit to reach their goals. In addition to the unpleasant characters, the story moved very slowly. It didn’t really show any hints of magic until the last third of the book.

Laure Eve isn’t a bad writer. While the pace could have picked up a bit, her style was enjoyable. I just wish the protagonists had some redeeming qualities. Their personalities were so negative and no one came out of trouble getting what I felt they truly deserved. I wouldn’t rule out reading more books by Eve, but only if she creates a more likable group of teenagers.

2.5 out of 5 stars


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