Unboxing: Yureka Books March 2017 subscription box

My shipping notification for Yureka just came in and it reminded me that I hadn’t reviewed last month’s box yet. Yureka is one of my favorite subscriptions because it’s just books that have been catered to my tastes. No worrying what to do with goodies that don’t fit my personal style or getting stories that I don’t want to read. Every shipment I’ve gotten has fit me completely.

Yureka has multiple plans you can choose from. The plan I receive sends you one hardcover book and two paperbacks for $40. The hardcover is something new that hasn’t hit paperback yet and the novels are always in new condition. They have cheaper choices and options without hardcovers as well.

Yureka doesn’t have themes. Instead, you fill out a survey when you sign up where you tell them your current loves and connect them to social media like Goodreads. I’m a heavy fantasy, dystopian and YA reader and my shipment reflects that. Here’s what I got this month…

Yureka Books March 2017 packaging

This subscription always comes in a bubble mailer and the books inside are wrapped in tissue paper. On top of the wrap is an envelope with a note explaining the book choices. I love that the owner takes the time to send a short personal letter to each recipient. While the tissue paper is often ripped by the time it gets here, the books are always in great shape.

Yureka Books March 2017 books

This month I received two sci-fi/dystopian reads that were on my Goodreads want list and one fantasy that Yureka guessed at based on my reading choices. The hardcover was Replica by Lauren Oliver, which I’m excited about. I loved Delirium and this one sounds awesome too. My paperbacks were Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck. I’ll admit that I’ve heard good and bad about Houck’s novel. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it. I’ve been meaning to pick up a book by Rossi for years. Now I finally have the chance.

If you’re interested in receiving your own curated book shipment, check out Yureka Books. I’ve been happy with their service every single month. Feed your book addiction with novels you’ll actually read!

4.5 out of 5 stars


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