Unboxing: Boca Java Stars Hollow Coffee Club April 2017

I’m a coffee fanatic. I have to have at least two cups every morning to get me moving and make me human. I do, however, like variety. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a flavored brew, other times I enjoy something plain. Boca Java is the perfect club for me because they have so many types of coffee available. I joined their Stars Hollow Coffee Club because I love their Gilmore Girls based flavors, but I can also pick out any of their regular Boca Java bags. Here’s what I got in this month’s shipment.

Boca Java Stars Hollow Coffee Club April 2017

As you can see, I bought quite a few bags this month. In my defense, one was for my father’s birthday. He loves Kenya AA, so I bought him a bag of Kenya Cruisin’. He’s since told me that it was, “Deelish!” I was glad to hear it. I’ve never been disappointed with Boca Java coffee, but sometimes tastes differ. I’m happy their excellent flavor seems to be universal.

For myself, I bought three bags and I also received a mini-freebie. Of the three I bought, two were flavored. One was White Chocolate Raspberry Reef which has a moderately sweet flavor from the chocolate plus a touch of berry. Delicious! The other was Bananas Foster Float which has notes of banana, cinnamon, brandy and brown sugar. The banana flavor is perfect – not too cloying but it adds a touch of sweetness. Definitely my favorite of the flavored buys.

The unflavored bag I purchased was Luke’s No-Nonsense Special which is a coffee based on Luke’s Diner in the Gilmore Girls TV show. It’s my favorite Boca Java blend. It’s a medium roast with a smooth flavor. No bitterness and no burnt taste. My mini-freebie was a bag of Surfing Safari, which is a Kahlua flavored coffee. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m expecting it to be very similar to Sookie’s Gourmet Blend which is a Kahlua flavored Stars Hollow coffee by the same company.

I enjoy Boca Java so much that I exclusively buy my coffee from them now. They have just about every flavor and roast you can think of, the prices are reasonable at $7.99 per 8 oz. bag and I have yet to find one that isn’t as yummy as it sounds. If you’d like to sign up for their club, click here for their Stars Hollow Club or here for their coffee club without Gilmore Girls selections.


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