Unboxing: Charm Me Monthly Starter Pack

Floating charm lockets have been around for a number of years, but I never purchased one until now. Charm Me Monthly makes it easy to get new charms every month and they were having a half-off sale on both their starter packs and the first month’s shipment. I couldn’t pass that up! I received my starter pack first. Here’s what was inside.

Up top you’ll see the pretty padded envelope my goodies were shipped in. Bright red and shiny – can’t miss that in your mailbox!

Charm Me Monthly Starter Pack inside

Inside the envelope I found a description card and a paper bag that contained my new necklace. I had a choice of a bracelet with a leather band or a necklace with a stainless-steel chain. I chose the necklace because I have large wrists and I wasn’t sure if the bracelet would be too tight. I was pleased that the chain and locket are steel because they’re nickel-free.

Charm Me Monthly Starter Pack necklace

Here are the locket and charms I received. It took me a minute to figure out that the locket unscrews to open since I’ve never owned one before. I felt a bit foolish once I realized it didn’t pop open somehow, but now I know. They send a random set of charms in the starter pack. Mine were a hot air balloon, a large purse, a rainbow and a rose. These were actually awesome choices as each one means something to me. The necklace is plenty long and looks very pretty when it’s on. I wore it out to dinner on my birthday and got some compliments. I think it’s just as nice as the pricier lockets you can buy from well-known companies.

Charm Me Monthly is a subscription box that sends you a variety of floating and dangling charms each month with the occasional locket face or necklace chain. If you order the bracelet, they’ll send charms, faces and leather bands for that. I don’t know if the charms will fit lockets from other brands, but a starter pack from Charm Me Monthly will only run you $19.99. Your monthly subscription is then $9.95. Both have free shipping. If you’d like to sign up, click here. Right now, the code CHARMED25 will get you 25% off all starter packs and your first month’s subscription.


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