Unboxing: Nexus by Espionage Cosmetics March 2017 Birds of a Feather subscription box

Hello, again! It’s time to review one of my favorite services, Espionage Cosmetics’ Nexus nail wrap subscription. They send out a pack of two new geek themed wraps once a month for $15 plus shipping. You then have a chance to vote for your favorite wrap to be offered on their regular website. The loser will be available only to subscribers. This month’s theme was Birds of a Feather. Here’s what was included.

Up top, you’ll see the padded envelope the nail strips were sent in. They always arrive in good shape. I’ve never had anything get here ripped or bent.

Nexus Birds of a Feather March 2017

Here are this month’s goodies. ‘Nevermore’ features ravens on a blue sky background. As a lifelong Poe fan, these were a hit for me. The other pack of wraps was called ‘Flight of the Moonfallen.’ They’re based on some kind of fandom, but I have absolutely no idea which one. Can anybody help me out? They feature beautifully feathered wings in a light teal blue. Even without knowing which fandom they represent, I plan on wearing them. They’re gorgeous!

If you’re looking for a creative home manicure full of nerdy goodness, Nexus is a great buy. $15 for 2 is less than you would pay if you bought them a la carte from the Espionage Cosmetics website and you get the first look at new additions. You also get early access and discounts on their Nexus OP events with straight up fandom nails. If you’d like to sign up, click here.

5 out of 5 stars


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