Unboxing: Felicia’s Attic April 2017 subscription box plus COUPON!

Does anyone here love thrift store finds? Gently used goodies at a great price are something I can get behind. Add in a good used book and I’m hooked. Felicia’s Attic is a subscription service that mails out several used items for women tailored to your specific tastes using a survey you fill out when you sign up. They also send edible goodies to enjoy while you read. Here’s what was in April’s box.

As seen above, the subscription was sent in a big plain white box. Inside, everything was wrapped in paper. The box was crammed full of all kinds of goodies. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was inside!

Felicia's Attic April 2017 pennant

April is my birthday month. In fact, I received this box on my actual birthday, so I was excited to find that the owner threw in some fun extra stuff to help me celebrate. Included was a balloon and this Happy Birthday plastic pennant.

Felicia's Attic April 2017 to-do

Another birthday gift was this cute to-do list (shown on top of the birthday bag it came in). It’s magnetic so I’ll be able to keep it handy on the fridge. Also pictured is one of the items others received as well – a peat pot with a baggie of soil and some basil seeds. I have a bit of a black thumb, but I’m trying to get better. I’ll try to grow these so I’ll have access to fresh basil for cooking. There was a new handmade bookmark, too. It incorporated both teapots and the color purple, which I love.

Felicia's Attic April 2017 used items

In addition to those new items were my used goods. I received a copy of Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook which has three fantasy novels in it. I also got a pretty doily, some Easter egg wraps and a peacock print purse with a pink leather shoulder strap. I did ask the owner how she ships without the worry of bugs on cloth items. She says she makes sure she washes everything in hot water that won’t get ruined and seals the rest in plastic bags set in direct sunlight for a week. Exactly what I would do with anything I brought home from a thrift shop, so I’m satisfied. I also received a horror/thriller movie called Unspeakable which I haven’t watched yet. It was in a handmade paper envelope similar to something Netflix would send. It had some scratches, but played just fine when I tested it.

Felicia's Attic April 2017 treats

The movie was in a paper popcorn bag with a box of Cracker Jacks. I love any kind of caramel corn, so this got eaten the same afternoon. There was a bag of Hershey Kisses as a birthday present. It had a Disney Princess balloon attached, which you’ll see below. Too cute! There was also a bag of Easter candy and a pouch full of a breakfast blend coffee. I already have a good bag of coffee open, so I’m saving this for a bit. You can never have too much coffee. We drink a lot in this household.

Felicia's Attick April 2017 birthday balloon

If you’re a female bargain shopper that loves gently used items, I know this subscription is calling your name. They did an excellent job picking out things that I love, from the horror movie to the funky purse, the fantasy novel to the coffee. I feel like a lot of thought went into this box and I appreciate every bit of it.

Here’s what they guarantee in every box: one or two used novels; a DVD or CD if there’s only one book; one arts & crafts activity; two used attic treasures; coffee, tea or cocoa and an edible treat. If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, click here to check out their website. Once you sign up, you’ll complete a survey of your likes and hobbies.

The owner has generously offered my readers $8 off the already discounted 90-day subscription with the coupon code SAVE8 which is good from today through May 31, 2017. The regular monthly subscription is $32 plus shipping and the service is worth every penny.

4 out of 5 stars


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