Unboxing: The Dapper Sasquatch subscription Steampunk Box 1 with COUPON

I’m always on the lookout for unique subscriptions. There are so many repeats on the market today that it’s hard to find something truly individual, so when I heard about The Dapper Sasquatch, I had to try it. The owner was kind enough to send me a box for review along with a valuable coupon code for you, dear readers.

The Dapper Sasquatch is a Steampunk box that sends a novel with a few gifts and installments of the box’s namesake’s story. Each month you’ll receive pieces of the Dapper Sasquatch’s written life with your goodies. If you enjoy serial fiction, Steampunk and Big Foot, have a look at what I found inside!

Up top, you’ll see the pretty blue box with the Sasquatch logo that everything was mailed in. Too cute. It was taped up nicely for safe travels.

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 inside

Inside the box, everything was packed in tissue paper and the gifts were individually wrapped. It all arrived intact.

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 paperwork

Enclosed at the top of the box were several envelopes, a printout of the Dapper Sasquatch’s first story installment and a tiny fake print newspaper. One of the envelopes was marked to open first and then you read through the rest as correspondence that the Sasquatch is supposed to deliver. They give you a view into what is sure to be an ongoing mystery. The story was engaging and left me wondering what would happen next.

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 sequoia tree

Attached to the newspaper was a blue paper post-it flag. This was an indication that I was supposed to open the corresponding gift. The news story mentions that growing up, the Sasquatch used to get measured against a sequoia. When I opened the first present, it was a tree in a box. I can grow my own giant sequoia from seeds in a little peat pot. I don’t have land to plant this on, but supposedly it can be used as a bonsai tree indoors. Now I just have to search out a window with enough light to let it sprout. Cute idea.

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 book

At the bottom of the box were this month’s book, a welcome letter and additional presents to be opened as you read. No matter when you order this subscription, your box one will always contain the same stuff. If you order your box in May but your friend orders in July, your first boxes will be exactly the same.

The book for the first box is Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine. I had read a few of Caine’s Morganville Vampire novels, but this was my first venture outside of that. It was set in a dystopian future with bits of magic and Steampunk woven in. Not my favorite book by her, but it was still an interesting read.

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 lion print

There were several gift flags attached within the novel. The first led to this art print of a clockwork lion that guarded the Serapeum in the main character’s hometown in the story. I plan on passing the book along to my niece to read and I’ll probably give her the print as well, so she has something to bring the story to life.

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 journals

Another flag in the book was on a page that mentioned journals. Personal journals were a big part of the story, so it was fun to open some of my own, and I love these! My dad and I both enjoy Big Foot lore, so I shared one of these with him as an additional birthday gift. He got a real kick out of it, and why wouldn’t he? They’re adorable. The covers include Big Foot facts and give you room for notes of your own, complete with a pocket in the back. Very nice!

The Dapper Sasquatch Box 1 keys

The last flag in the book has to do with a printing press. When I opened the gift, it contained several metal keys. While they’re not a usable item, it’s still fascinating to hold a bit of history in your hand, and they definitely bring the story to life.

Overall, this box was great. While the items may not add up to the cost of the subscription, I consider the thought that went into this box well worth the price. You’re paying for not only the book and the presents but also the serial story and the letters and memorabilia that tie into it. You’re encouraging a storyteller while gaining a box of fun. You can’t beat that.

If you’d like to try out this box for yourself and then continue with the rest of the story, I have a 10% off coupon just for you! You’ll get that percentage off your first box in the month-to-month plan with the code JR414. I love the idea behind this subscription and it’s one of the very few Steampunk related boxes out there. If you’re a fan of clockwork and steam power, give it a try.

4 out of 5 stars


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