Unboxing: Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 subscription box

Another unique book subscription for sale online is Once Upon a Book Club. They offer a real book club experience as well as giving you gifts straight from the book you read. As you turn the pages, you come to sticky notes that tell you to open a specific present. When you do, you’ll find something from the story to bring it to life. As you complete the book, there are dates to meet other readers online to open your gifts and answer discussion questions. I, for one, find the whole experience amazing.

Once Upon a Book Club recently added the YA genre to their available boxes and were kind enough to send me their inaugural box for review. I’ll go over what’s inside and give you a great coupon so you can get your own!

Up top, you’ll see the box they ship in. It’s made to look like a book, which is a cute idea.

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 inside

Inside, everything is packed in shredded cardboard. The box is also beautifully decorated on the inside. They put a lot of thought into the whole package.

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 papers

At the top of the box were two paper items. One is a pamphlet with the online meeting dates inside. The other is this month’s quote card from the book. They include one of these every month which means you can hang pieces of your favorite books on your wall. Awesome!

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 presents

This month’s shipment held four wrapped presents. As you can see, each one is marked with a page number so you know when to open it. Wrapping them builds the suspense and keeps you excited. You’ll want to read as fast as you can to get to each one.

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 novel

The YA novel in this box was The Hidden Memory of Objects by Danielle Mages Amato. Thank goodness this isn’t a video blog because I would have no idea how to pronounce anything past her first name. Anyone here know how to say it correctly? Anyway, I finished the book in two sittings. It was part mystery, part paranormal, and full of action, friendship and budding romance. I greatly enjoyed it and plan on reviewing it here soon.

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 necklace

The first two gifts in the box were a pair of gold crane scissors and a button necklace. The really cool thing about these objects is that they were mentioned specifically in the book, in detail. It feels like you’re opening items that the main character actually touched. The scissors will come in handy for crafty activities, but the necklace was a tiny bit too small for me. I’m going to pass it on to my niece with a copy of the book, giving her a chance to experience a bit of magic from the story.

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 backpack

The next present was a two-for-one. It’s a version of the main character’s backpack with her wallet and the business card she pulls from it in the book. The wallet is a cheap fake leather, but it’s a pretty color and has a lot of pockets. This backpack will make a great bag for carrying books back from the library. I love that the subscription service went so far as to recreate a business card for the detective in the story. It made the gift feel that much more authentic.

Once Upon a YA Book Club April 2017 gloves

The last present in the box was a pair of pretty black gloves. Two characters in the book need gloves to shield them from visions which made these a perfect choice to give out. Not only does Once Upon a Book Club give you things from the book, they choose items that mean a lot to the plot, which is amazing.

I was pleased to find that every gift in this month’s box was a useable item. I know with the adult box, they sometimes add objects that further the story, but don’t have monetary value. I assume they will do the same with the YA box some months. Still, the unique experience the box gives you adds value to the subscription.

If you’d like to try Once Upon a Book Club out for yourself, click here to head over to their website. You can choose between their women’s contemporary/historical fiction box or their YA subscription. Both work the same way.

The owner has given me a coupon worth 10% off your first order. You can use it on the monthly subscription, a gift box or on multi-month orders. Multi-month will obviously save you the most money. The coupon code is JESSE10 and can be used by each subscriber only once.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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