Unboxing: Fandle Candle Co. April 2017 We’re All Mad Here subscription box

I am a big fan of candles with geeky scents and I recently started using wax tarts in my home as well to help cover the smell of my neighbor’s smoking (ah, the joys of apartment living – can’t wait to move!), so when I found Fandle Candle Co. online, it seemed like the perfect subscription box for me. Every month they send you a scented 9-oz. soy jar candle and a pack of soy wax tarts based on a nerdy theme. And even better? They bury a piece of jewelry that matches the theme within the candle to be released as it burns! All this for $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping.

April’s box had an Alice in Wonderland theme – We’re All Mad Here. They choose a random winner every month to win additional items that reflect that month’s theme. Some lucky subscriber won a box full of extra Alice goodies, but it wasn’t me. However, I loved my shipment. You’ll see the box up top. It was tucked with the card into a bubble mailer for extra safety. Here’s what was inside:

Fandle Candle Co. April 2017 inside box

Upon opening the box, I found that the candle was wrapped in paper padding and the box was filled with Styrofoam peanuts. The glass jar of the candle was completely intact and the wax tarts didn’t have so much as a crack in them. Great packing job. On the back of the card, the scents and this month’s partners were listed.

Fandle Candle Co. April 2017 We're All Mad Here candle and tarts

When I unwrapped the candle, it was pink with a label picture of the caterpillar from Disney’s original Alice cartoon movie. The candle was titled, “Who are You?” The card says it’s a fusion of hyacinth, lily of the valley, wild jasmine and violets with herbal and musky undertones. To me, it smelled lightly floral with an almost fruity backdrop. I was afraid from the description that it would be too heavy, but it was just right.

The wax tarts had a label with Disney’s pansies on it from the Wonderland garden. They were titled “The Golden Afternoon” and the card says they smell like fresh peaches with soft peonies. I actually expected this one to be less floral, but it was really perfumey and I didn’t get a hint of peaches anywhere. It’s great for covering up the smoke smell, but it gets overpowering fast, so I heat it at shorter intervals. After the first day, it’s faded enough to be bearable for several hours.

Fandle Candle Co. April 2017 White Rabbit ear cuff

Near the top of the candle was a foil packet. I was able to free it on my first light to my great excitement. I’ve been an Alice superfan since I read the original novel as a kid, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Alice jewelry. When I opened it up, I found an ear cuff with a dangling version of the White Rabbit. I love him and will wear him often.

The whole experience of this box was great. The candle and wax tarts will last me a while, making my place smell great, and the anticipation of opening the jewelry was fun. If you’d like to try Fandle Candle Co. out for yourself, click here to visit their website. Their May theme is Wonder Woman, so if you’re a superhero fan, definitely check it out.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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