Unboxing: Chapter Factory May 2017 subscription box and coupon

Always on the lookout for new book boxes, I contacted Chapter Factory and they were gracious enough to send me a box to review for you, my dear readers, as well as a coupon for free shipping on your first box. Chapter Factory is a nerdy women’s book box that sends fantasy and sci-fi novels as well as geeky themed goodies with a girly flair.

They don’t have a monthly theme, but unlike a lot of boxes, they tell you what they’re shipping ahead of time from the book right down to each individual item. For someone like me who is always fishing for spoilers, it’s perfect! And this way, you can skip any box that doesn’t appeal to you. Have a look inside the May 2017 box.

The subscription came in the box above. I love the contrast of the magenta sticker and the teal box and their logo gives an almost Steampunk vibe with the gears above the book.

Chapter Factory May 2017 packaging

When opening the box, I found it full of shredded cardboard in fun shades. It meshed well with the colors on the outside of the box and gave the shipment an element of fun.

Chapter Factory May 2017 goodies

Inside the box were this month’s book and extra goodies. The novel this time was Geekerella by Ashley Poston. It’s a Cinderella retelling with a fangirl twist that takes place with a cosplay ball backdrop. I have SO been looking forward to this book. I hope it’s as amazing as it sounds!

With the book was a galaxy Star Wars themed bath bomb which smells very sweet and is full of glitter. Awesome! There was also a pair of Book Nerd ankle socks which are too cute and a pack of rose-vanilla flavored marshmallows which just melted in my mouth. So good! I love floral flavors in foods, but my fiancé does not, so I got these all to myself. His loss!

Chapter Factory costs $34.99 per month plus shipping based on your location. The value of the included items is more than the cost of the box by $5-10. They were all quality handcrafted goods and the book is beautiful. If you’re interested in signing up for a subscription, click here for their website. You can get free shipping on your first box with the code FREESHIP.

4 out of 5 stars


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