My YA Reading Club April 2017 box

Unboxing: My YA Reading Club April 2017

When looking for new book clubs to join, I came across My YA Reading Club. Not only were they inexpensive, but the fact that they send two books and a movie sounded great! You simply choose between their contemporary or fantasy genres and you’re good to go. I tried them out for April and this is what I got.

Up top, you’ll see the box everything was shipped in – plain white with their logo and web address attached to the top. Simple, but easily identified.

My YA Reading Club April 2017 packaging

Inside, this month’s items were tucked into thick packing paper. They got here in good shape.

My YA Reading Club April 2017 books

So, here’s the good stuff. As mentioned above, I received two fantasy/sci-fi novels and one fantasy/sci-fi movie. The novels were Boys of Blur by N. D. Wilson and After the Red Rain by Barry Lyga (of The Amazing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl fame), Peter Facinelli and Robert DeFranco. Neither was a book I’d heard of, though I own other books by Barry Lyga so I definitely will dig into this new offering from him. I’m hoping the other holds my interest as well.

The movie in this box was Hancock starring Will Smith. I really enjoyed this film when it came out and I don’t already own it, so this is a welcome addition to my movie collection.

My YA Reading Club costs only $14.99 per month with free shipping. From what I’ve read around the internet, because they deal in discount books and movies, this company often sends both from the middle of a series. So, if you are a stickler about reading or watching in chronological order, this may not be the club for you. However, if you’re looking for a cheap way to add to your collection and you can handle a series read as a standalone, My YA Reading Club is a good deal.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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