Unboxing: Ever After Box May 2017 ‘Badass & Beautiful’ subscription box

I’m a fan of books with strong heroines, so I was excited to hear that the Ever After Box picked ‘Badass & Beautiful’ for their May theme. As you may have seen previously on this blog, the Ever After Box is a romance subscription that mails out multiple books every month in both print and electronic format as well as several other items that fit the theme. Their theme changes monthly with contemporary and paranormal genres both being represented. This month was a rare situation where the box covered both at the same time. This is what I found inside.

Above, you’ll see the box the items arrived in. This white box with their logo is always tucked into a separate mailer for shipping.

Ever After Box May 2017 Badass & Beautiful inside

Inside, everything is tucked tightly into the box with a card on top that lists this month’s goodies. I’ve never had anything arrive broken from this service.

Ever After Box May 2017 Badass & Beautiful books

This month the subscription included five books – three print and two e-books. They were Fury’s Kiss by Nicola R. White, A Surefire Way by J. T. Brock, an autographed copy of Ruptured by Maggie Mae Gallagher, Enclave by Ann Aguirre and Fall Dark by Zoe York. They span a gamut from paranormal romance to dystopian to military romance. Each one features an independent female lead. I’m not a big fan of military stories so that one will be passed on, but the rest look great.

Ever After Box May 2017 Badass & Beautiful extras

With the books were several extras. I received an art print of a famous activist who stood up to the Nazis (I would tell you who, but I misplaced my card). Members received one of many possible prints. I also got a ‘Super Reader’ t-shirt, some girl power button pins made specifically for the box and a Wonder Woman bracelet. This month, one lucky winner received free movie passes to the Wonder Woman film as well as some additional WW bling. Sadly, it wasn’t me.

The bracelet was cute, but my wrists were too pudgy to pull it off, so it’s going to be passed along to my niece. I love the t-shirt though. The art print was inspirational, but I wish it had more of the heroine’s history written on it. The pins were awesome. I’ll be adding them to the collection on my laptop purse.

I go month-by-month with the Ever After Box. I tend to be picky about my romantic reads and there are some themes I’d rather skip. For example, next month is cowboy themed and I’m not a fan of Westerns. Skipping this subscription is as easy as clicking a button. You just put it on hold and click again when you get to a month you’ll enjoy. I do have to say, though, that this is one of my favorite boxes.

If you’d like to sign up for the Ever After Box, just follow the link to their website. They cost only $29.99 with free shipping to the US. That’s a great deal when you add up the cost of buying the books and goodies separately.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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