Unboxing: Read ‘Em and Steep Kickstarter Campaign subscription box

Hello! I’m buried up to my neck in moving boxes, but I’m trying to keep the blog alive during the packing process. I don’t want to leave my wonderful readers hanging. Besides, it’s fun to take a break with a new box or a book every so often. Moving is stressful and goodies make it less so.

Upon searching Cratejoy, I discovered a new subscription box that combines books and hot beverages. Two of my favorite things. So, I sent them a proposal and they agreed to send me a box for review. The company is actually in start-up mode. They start taking orders in July for shipments starting in August. I was lucky enough to get ahold of their Kickstarter box so you can get an idea of what kind of items they’ll be mailing out.

Up top, you’ll see the brown shipping box everything was mailed in. It had a stamp on the upper left corner with the company logo.

Read 'Em and Steep Kickstarter packaging

Inside, there was a blue Cratejoy box wrapped in bubble wrap. Almost everything arrived in one piece.

Read 'Em and Steep Kickstarter infuser

The first thing I pulled from my box was an adorable tea infuser shaped like a book. The plastic covers open to hold the rubber tea section firmly in your mug. The pages pop off easily to fill them with loose leaf tea but are solid enough to remain attached when making your beverage. If this item isn’t cute enough, the infuser came with a mini-book with ideas for literary tea parties and the relevance of tea to books.

Read 'Em and Steep Kickstarter tea

What’s a tea infuser without tea? The box came with Belle’s Bookshop Blend by Biblioblends Tea. The flavor was tasty. It’s a nice mix of rose, cherry and vanilla. Also included was a cute frosted book shaped sugar cookie from Jana Lee’s Bakeshop in Columbus, Ohio. It was delicious. The butter gave it a bit of crisp, but it wasn’t hard. You could easily bite into it. I broke it in half and shared it with Mike. We both loved it.

Read 'Em and Steep Kickstarter bookmarks

The next items in the box were enclosed in a small envelope. They are two watercolor bookmarks from Bookmarks 4 Kindness. They’re both handmade and beautiful. I love that these aren’t mass produced. It makes them more unique.

Read 'Em and Steep Kickstarter mug

Also in the package was this mug. It’s really cute, but it arrived chipped. Apparently, I’m not the only one this happened to. Luckily, the customer service for this subscription is wonderful. I let the owner know the problem and she’s on top of it. Depending on what happens with the manufacturer, I’ll either be getting a new mug or a replacement item of equal value.

Read 'Em and Steep Kickstarter book

Last, we have the main attraction. The book. Read ‘Em and Steep sends out indie literature for adults. This month the novel is The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald. It looks like a sweet, literary story about the power of friendship and the love of books. I have a couple of novels ahead of it on my TBR list, but I can’t wait to read it. The book also came with a mini candle by Dio Candle Company that is supposed to smell like the bookstore from the novel. It smells a bit like vanilla and is lovely.

Overall, I loved this box. Their goal going forward is to create timely monthly themes with adult goodies. Each month they’ll send a new coffee or tea for you to try along with a great indie read. You can order a single box or sign up for a subscription. They are partnered with a charity called Room to Read which helps build schools and libraries in developing countries and ensures education for children who might otherwise be left behind, so you’re doing some good in the world as well as feeding your reading habit.

If you’d like to sign up, click here to place your order. A monthly subscription is only $34 with shipping included. A single box will cost you an additional $10. Remember, orders open up in July for shipments in August.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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