Unboxing: DateBox Club May 2017 Puzzle War subscription box

With all the packing going on, my fiancé and I haven’t had much time for dates, so when DateBox Club sent me their May 2017 box to be reviewed, it was greatly appreciated. Mike and I have been together 8 years this month. We wanted to be able to celebrate without the hassle of going out and this gave us a way to do so. Mike was happy to see it had a puzzle theme as he enjoys jigsaw puzzles. Ready to see what was inside? Here we go.

Above, you’ll get a look at what I saw when I opened the box. DateBox Club always includes an envelope on top that has a list of instructions and goodies for the date.

DateBox Club May 2017 Puzzle War packaging

Under the envelope, everything was padded with pretty pastel blue tissue paper. There wasn’t anything breakable this month, but I’ve never known anything from this company to arrive broken.

DateBox Club May 2017 Puzzle War Instructions

Here, you’ll see what was inside the envelope. The instructions included a link to a Spotify playlist for the date which added to the romantic atmosphere. There were also two cards for an acronym game you could play with each other’s names. We ended up not playing with these yet. We’re saving them for another night.

DateBox Club May 2017 Puzzle War goodies

Here are the three main items from the box. They include a bag of gourmet caramel corn, a Simply Vanilla scented candle from Bella Lucis Soy Candles, and two jigsaw puzzles with a love theme. The caramel corn was made with sea salt that gave it the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Mike’s not big on salted sweets, so I ate this bag over several sittings by myself. We pulled out a bag of chips for him instead. The candle burns brightly and has just enough odor to scent the room without being overpowering.

DateBox Club May 2017 Puzzle War completed puzzle

The instructions gave us a choice of either racing each other by making our own individual puzzles or to complete one together. We’re not a competitive couple, so we enjoyed the slow process of cooperating to put one together. It was a lot of fun just munching and finding pieces with music and a candle going in the background. It made for a very peaceful date which is what we both needed right now. You’ll see our finished masterpiece above.

While the goodies inside might not fully add up to the cost of the box, everything included is high quality. I find that having someone else plan a monthly date night for us is worth the extra money. It also costs less than a night out and if you have kids, you don’t have to pay for a sitter. How’s that for value?

If you’re ready to sign up or are looking for more information, click here to check out their website. The subscription costs $35 plus $1.99 shipping in the USA.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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