Unboxing: Woman Up Box June 2017 ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ subscription box and coupon!

Even in today’s modern society, women are judged daily. Whether it’s their fashion choices or hairstyle, decisions they make as a mom or as a corporate climber, there’s always someone there to shoot them down and diminish their happiness. Why do we let this happen? What’s worse is when the condescension comes from other women. We should know better. That’s why I was ecstatic to find a subscription box that caters to lifting women’s spirits – both your own and those around you. I sent them a proposal and they mailed me a box for review. They even included a highly generous coupon!

Woman Up Box sends items to soothe stress and inspire happiness. They have two levels of boxes you can choose from – their regular subscription with 6-8 products and their petite box with 3-4. The products range from edibles to beauty items and jewelry. Everything is made by women artisans or women-owned businesses. Along with the goodies, they include a card that encourages you to lift up other women in surprising ways. This month’s theme was ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy!’

Their shipping box is shown above. It’s very girl power and I love that they steered away from the more traditional pink. Not all women appreciate pink. Instead, they used a vibrant red on the white background, from their logo to their slogan.

Woman Up Box June 2017 Don't Worry Be Happy packaging

Upon opening the box, I was amazed at the lengths they went to in making sure everything arrived whole. Everything was wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap and the bottom of the box was lined with extra bubble padding. The wrap did its job and everything got here in one piece.

The inventory card and monthly lift up card were placed on top. They were very bright and cheerful, as well as easy to access. The lift up card included tips for inspiring young girls, teens, co-workers, other women you come across, as well as yourself. It had some great ideas and was one of my favorite parts of the whole box.

Woman Up Box June 2017 Don't Worry Be Happy edibles

The first items I grabbed from the box were this month’s edibles and a pocket mirror. There was a tea tin with 6 lemon mint mate teabags. The inventory card suggested trying it iced which I did. You could taste the mint and mate with a hint of lemon. Very refreshing. Also included were two lollipops. I gave the pomegranate tangerine flavor to Mike who said it was very fruity and extremely sweet. I ate the strawberry mojito flavor. To me it tasted mostly like sugar, but with a slightly fruity base. They were good, but I don’t think we’ll be using the coupon they threw in to order more.

The pocket mirror reads “Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic – Rosalind Russell.” There were a few different designs you could receive. Mine had a red diamond background. The mirror is enclosed in a plastic sleeve to keep it safe since it doesn’t close up. I love the quote and I’ll be keeping mine in my purse.

Woman Up Box June 2017 Don't Worry Be Happy necklace

The big ticket item in this box was a mandala beaded necklace made with wood and shells. According to the inventory card, it has a value of $24. It’s not my usual style, so I’m going to pass the love along to someone who can enjoy it more.

Also included were a worry stone in green parrot stone and a set of mandala coloring cards with a small box of colored pencils. The worry stone is smooth and cool. I used to carry one with me everywhere when I was a teenager. It’s a habit I’ll be glad to start again. They help to focus your mind in stressful situations.

The coloring cards were stamped on cardstock from a hand carved stamp. The design is intricate and pretty. I colored one and used it as a Father’s Day card today. Even with adult children, my parents appreciate handmade touches, so it was perfect.

Woman Up Box June 2017 Don't Worry Be Happy beauty items

Last in the package were some spa items. One is a full-size container of strawberry mint gelato foaming sugar scrub which came with a cute little wooden ice cream spoon. It smells delicious and is made with 99% natural ingredients. I used it in the tub last night and it had enough sugar to exfoliate without being scratchy. The lip tint is natural as well and smells wonderful. It will be easy to put on when I want a touch of color without a fully made up look.

Based on the inventory card, the full value of everything in the Woman Up Box adds up to almost $78. That’s excellent considering the full-size box only costs $49.95 with free US shipping. If you’re looking to cut costs even further, try using coupon code SUBLOVE10OFF in checkout for $10 off your first full-sized box. Or go with the petite box for $34.95. Click here to find their website.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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