Unboxing: Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides YA subscription box and coupon!

Always looking for the next great book box, I was pleased when the owner of Blue Tome offered to send me a box for review. They mail out a brand new sci-fi/fantasy YA book as well as bookish goodies every month. I was able to grab their inaugural box to discuss with all of you. This month’s theme was Dangerous Tides and it had some fun piratey stuff inside. Have a look!

Up top, you’ll see the container the subscription shipped in. It was a white box with a sparse, but cute logo and motto printed on the top.

Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides packaging

When I opened the box, this is what I saw. Immediately drawing my eyes? Funko! Yay! There was also an inventory sheet that was rolled up like a treasure map, which was a cute touch. Everything was packed in shredded cardboard and arrived safely.

Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides paper gifts

When I pulled out the cardboard, I found several paper goods. There was a coloring bookmark and a laminated bookmark, the latter by Oriandle, both with quotes from this month’s novel selection. Having just moved, I’m not sure where my collection of bookmarks ended up, so it’s Blue Tome to the rescue. I love having unique items to mark my pages with. There was also a decal that read “Life is a Journey” by The Crafty Notebook. I threw that onto the back of my laptop along with some other inspirational stickers that were there previously. I love to have a pick-me-up just an easy glance away.

Also with the papers were an art print by Sip and Read with the same quote as one of the bookmarks and a large Kraken temporary tattoo created by A Blink Ink Tattoo shop on Etsy. I love the picture on the tattoo, but it’s larger than I would normally wear, so this will get passed on to my 12-year-old nephew. He’ll love it.

Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides solid gifts

There were also several solid goodies included in the box. A candle by Cherry Pit matches the theme of the book and is scented like the ocean breeze. It smells floral with a bit of coconut undertone. I love candles. They’re a great way to spruce up the scent of your living space. As mentioned before, there was a Funko in the package. Everyone received Captain Barbossa from The Pirates of the Caribbean films. I love the detail on him. I’m tempted to keep him for myself, but I think my nephew would really get a kick out of him, so I think I’ll be passing him along with the tattoo.

Other physical goodies were a glow in the dark metal dragon bookmark by Kawaii Craft Cottage and a small compass by Epoch Beads that can be worn as a pendant. The dragon bookmark is pretty and his wings glow really nicely. Even better, the top of his hook isn’t pointed so it won’t bust through my book’s pages. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of him. The compass really works and would be handy for outdoor adventures this summer. The outside is made of a gold tone metal and it feels sturdy.

Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides treasure map

Also pictured with the above items is a Pirate map by Dire Atrium. You’ll see a better picture of it here. I love the mermaid and ship details.

Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides wrapped book

The book of the month was wrapped up like a gift (as was the compass), which upped the suspense. Blue Tome even wrote my name at the top of the wrapping.

Blue Tome June 2017 Dangerous Tides novel

The book this month was one I hadn’t heard of yet, but it looks great! It’s Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser and it’s a swashbuckling fantasy adventure with a strong female lead. The blurb on the front of the book was written by Stephanie Garber who wrote one of my favorite reads of this year, Caraval. That alone makes me super excited for this story, but the premise sounds awesome too.

Blue Tome costs a bit more than other YA boxes, but they include some quality and unique items with your read. The tattoo and bookmarks made by small home-based businesses were super cool and Funkos are always awesome. I also admire the creativity of throwing in the compass for a pirate themed box.

At $39 per month, you’re getting more in value than what you’re paying, which, along with usefulness, is always the ultimate goal. Plus, Blue Tome is offering a coupon to my readers. Use code BNSL15 for 15% off your first order, good through the end of July. It’s good for any length package, so the more months you pay for up front, the more money you’ll save.

Ready to sign up? Click here to place an order on Cratejoy. Need more information first? You can get that here.

I love this addition to the YA book subscription market and I think you will too.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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