Unboxing: Sparkle Hustle Grow July 2017 Business Travel box

So, I work from home part-time and I’m presently trying to become better at what I do and make it into a real business with good pay and decent hours. To do this, I’ve been consuming online trainings and inspirational literature. When I saw that there were boxes on the market that catered to female home-based business owners, I got excited. I’m going to be trying two of them this month. Both were paid for with my own money.

The first is Sparkle Hustle Grow. They have an inspiring member community on Facebook and they send out 4-6 items to help grow your business including office supplies, snacks, planners and self-help books, plus online classes. Everything included surrounds a theme. This month’s theme was business travel. Ready to see what was inside that pretty pink box? Here we go!

Sparkle Hustle Grow July 2017 Business Travel box packaging

Everything inside my shipment was packed in sparkly gold cardboard shreds for safe travels. On top was an inventory card with a celebratory message, increasing the excitement before you even get to the goodies.

This month’s book was Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential by Shannon Kaiser. I’ve started reading it. It’s a bit new-agey in the idea of what you think will manifest, but I’m into that, so I’ve been enjoying it. It’s already made me kinder with myself in terms of my weight loss journey and inspired me to work harder to create the business I want. If you’re not a fan of self-help, this isn’t the box for you. For those of you that know you can use extra help in achieving your goals, it’s perfect.

Next were the six items that tied into the theme. The first of these items was a retractable, refillable lint roller. Why has nobody ever thought of these before? After you use a sheet of the sticky paper to remove lint from your outfit, you close the roller so it stays clean. No more collecting gross detritus from your car or junk drawer on the outside of your roller. You just roll it up and down like you would a lipstick. It’s made by Flint.

Sparkle Hustle Grow July 2017 Business Travel box contents

After the lint roller was a package of twistable ribbons by Unplugged Goods. These ingenious little twists are made of bendable silicone which you wrap around unruly cords to keep them organized. They work great for tablet and phone cords, earbuds and headphones or even camera cables. I have plenty of uses for these. I wish I had received them before traveling earlier this week, but I’ll have them for all future ventures. I might even look them up and buy another pack.

Next two items would be great for hotel travel. One is a Dream Big sleep mask to help block out any extraneous light and the other is a hanging cell phone holder. For the latter, you simply hang the holder over your phone charger when you plug it in and you can lay your phone on it to save room and keep it off the floor. A simple piece of plastic, but a smart idea all the same. The eye mask is satiny and smooth. It’s comfortable and adjustable, too, with a Velcro close on the elastic band.

Also in the box were a leather luggage tag and a gold charger keychain. The tag reads, “Word Hard, Play Hard” and is excellent quality. No difficult buckles or leather over the name tag either. You can simply attach it with its elastic string and your name is visible and easy to remove when your address needs to be updated. The keychain has a USB plug for attaching both an iOS and Android product to your computer or block for charging. I’m not a fan of Apple’s software, so I don’t own any iOS items, but this will still come in handy for on-the-go charging of my phone, tablet or e-reader.

After the book and the fun goodies comes the part of the box I’m most excited about – the business training course. This month’s class is Facebook Ads to Supercharge Your List Growth and it’s worth $147! All courses from Sparkle Hustle Grow are worth way more than the price you pay for the box, making it an awesome deal. I’ve been wondering how Facebook Ads work and if they’re worth the money. Now I’ll be able to find out how to make them work for me.

Last in the box were coupons for both Flint and Unplugged which will be useful. There was also an insert with a list of the SHG company’s favorite apps for business travel. It includes everything from an itinerary planner and navigation app to GPS, a mileage tracker and a portable scanner app. Very helpful.

This box had a total value of $207! Even without the online training, everything in the box is worth more than the $39.95 plus $6 shipping that the monthly subscription costs. Seriously, if you’re a female business owner, how can you pass that up? Fun office supplies, community, inspirational reads and online courses are a need for anyone who wants to improve their home-based company. Get them all at a reasonable price in a fun monthly shipment by subscribing to Sparkle Hustle Grow.

5 out of 5 stars


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