Unboxing: Coffee and a Classic July 2017 ‘Walden’ Standard Classic subscription box

I was an English Language and Literature major in college and besides turning me into a grammar Nazi, it also gave me a love of classic literature. My favorite novels of all time are Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I also have a fondness for Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. That being said, when I saw there was a subscription box that catered to classic reads and bookish goodies, I sent out a proposal right away! The owner was kind enough to send me a free Standard Classic box to explore with all of you.

Coffee and a Classic has two box choices. There’s the Starter Classic box that includes the book, something to sip and two bookish items, or there’s the Standard Classic box that contains the book, a drink, a snack, a bookmark, a mug and one or two bookish goodies. Everything is themed to the novel. Here’s what was in this month’s Standard.

Coffee and a Classic July 2017 'Walden' Standard Classic Box reusable

Above this article, you’ll see the presentation of the box. It arrived in a separate shipping box and the inside package was tied in brown string with their logo on the top. The box is a keepsake photo box that you can reuse. I love this idea! I’m sure I can find plenty of uses for it.

Inside, everything was packed in shredded cardboard. The inventory card was buried beneath all the items. While this is great for people who want to be completely surprised, I like to read the card first to make sure I find everything I’m supposed to in the box. Not a big deal, I just had to do some extra digging.

Coffee and a Classic July 2017 'Walden' Standard Classic Box tangibles

The first items I pulled from the box were the themed mug and the two extra goodies. The mug is a gorgeous forest green and reads “Life in the Woods.” It’s a great size for morning coffee. The extras included a wood burned magnet that says “All Good Things are Wild and Free” and a soy candle with a wooden wick that smells like a campfire. It really does too! Very smoky and with the wooden wick, it will even crackle a bit. I’m looking forward to burning it. The magnet is inspirational, which I like. I’m saving it to add to my fridge when we get a permanent place.

Coffee and a Classic July 2017 'Walden' Standard Classic Box edibles

Next in the package were my edibles and a neat fabric bookmark. The bookmark was handmade by the people who run the box. It’s made of some sort of linen cloth and features pine trees. Very sturdy and since I still haven’t found my bookmark box, very handy. The edibles were chocolate mint flavored chai tea by Teakoe which was awesome, and the makings for a s’more. The chocolate graham cracker and the marshmallow were homemade by The Marshmallow Cart and they were delicious. There was a chunk of Hershey’s milk chocolate included too. The graham cracker was cracked when it got here, but that made it easier to share with Mike, so it’s all good.

Coffee and a Classic July 2017 'Walden' Standard Classic Box book

Last in the box was this month’s book which was Walden or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau. That’s why there were so many outdoorsy themed items in the box. In all my years of reading, I’ve never gotten to this book, so I’m happy to have it. I just need to find time to work it in.

Everything in this box is high quality and easy to use. Nothing I want to stuff in a drawer or pass along to Salvation Army. After I move again, I might put this box in a more permanent rotation in my reviews by subscribing. I loved it that much.

Starter boxes are $25 plus shipping and Standard ones are $38 plus shipping. I have to admit that their shipping fee is a bit steep, but you’re guaranteed to get gourmet treats and handmade items every month which are worth the total price. If you’d like to subscribe, click here to go to the Coffee and a Classic website.

4.75 out of 5 stars

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