Unboxing: Lady Boss Loot July 2017 Time Management & Productivity subscription box

As a burgeoning work-from-home business woman, I’ve been on the lookout for female entrepreneur subscription boxes to help me along the way. Last week I reviewed Sparkle Hustle Grow. This week I gave Lady Boss Loot a try. You’ll see the box with their logo up top. Here’s what was inside.

Lady Boss Loot July 2017 Time Management & Productivity packaging

Everything was packed in attractive striped tissue paper inside the package. It all arrived in perfect shape. This month’s theme was Time Management and Productivity.

Under the tissue paper were all types of goodies. On top was their mini-magazine which includes a business article, a list of the included items, this month’s training title and a recipe. The physical items included were a journal, a portfolio productivity pad, a sticky-pad to-do list, a phone/tablet stand, a floating message pen, a pro bar and a soothing face mask. I also got to choose a free item. I chose a bag of Ugly Mug coffee and they threw in a free Lady Boss mug because it was my first order.

The journal has full-color inspirational quotes mixed throughout its pages and starts each page with “Why I’m Kind of Awesome Today…” and ends with “My Awesomeness Grade for Today” which ranges from A- to A+++. It will be a great exercise in building myself up instead of thinking about what I haven’t accomplished. The padfolio is broken into weekdays with an additional space for “next week.” Each line has a space to check it off as you complete what needs to be done. I think this will be a great asset in keeping me on track. Every month Lady Boss Loot includes an inspirational read, a journal or other book. The padfolio filled that need this month.

Putting a to-do list on a sticky-note pad is ingenious. Just peel off a page and stick it to your desk or calendar for the day. This one has room for tasks, errands and correspondence as well as a section for notes. It will come in handy for breaking down bigger daily tasks. The phone/tablet stand I received was made from a pretty pink metal. Other people received gold or silver. It couldn’t have come at a better time. My previous holder was a cheapie that recently bit the dust. It was also the wrong size for my Kindle. This new stand works great for all my devices and doesn’t have any extra pieces or knobs that will break. I expect I’ll be able to use it for a good long time.

Lady Boss Loot July 2017 Time Management & Productivity goodies

The pen in this month’s box is fun. When held in the usual writing position, it reads, “I need coffee,” but when you flip it over, it changes to “I need a drink.” Too cute and, some days, too accurate. The energy bar I received was by ProBar Fuel and it was made with dried cherries, nuts and chia seeds. It didn’t taste like cherry pie (the flavor’s title), but it was chewy and tasty. The included face mask was made with Kale. It was soothing but took a long time to dry. I’ve never used this type of mask before, so maybe that’s normal. I ended up taking it off before it was dry so I could go to bed, but it left my skin feeling refreshed anyway.

The Ugly Mug coffee was decent. I love that the box lets you pick a freebie each month. Other choices included brownie brittle, tea, lotion or mini-pencils. The mug is perfect for eight ounces of coffee plus creamer and the empowering message gives me a needed pick-me-up.

In addition to the physical goods, the box also includes a monthly training written by the woman who created the subscription. The trainings are informative and well-written, but unlike Sparkle Hustle Grow, you don’t have lifetime access. You only have access for as long as you’re a subscriber. You can also subscribe to just the online components which are the trainings, articles and Facebook group for $25 a month, but the other items are so cool, who would want to miss out?

This month’s training course was the Building a Sales Funnel Workshop. It helps you focus on what products and services your company might still need and how to aim your customers towards your featured items. This one didn’t really pertain to me, but the cool thing is you also have access to all the old courses with your subscription. For the cost of your box or online modules, you can go through any of their classes. I thought the Shoestring Budget Startup course and Intro to Canva for Work were helpful. They also had a Rock Your Website mini-course that I haven’t had a chance to try yet. Well worth the monthly subscription cost.

This month’s box was missing one item that didn’t come in from the retailer in time. The owner has promised it will now be an extra in the August box. It was a portable power bank. It would have been nice if she sent it to subscribers after it came in just in case you only ordered one box, but that probably wouldn’t be cost effective. Things happen and she’s handling it, so you can’t fault her.

If you’re interested in purchasing the August box, it’s still on sale. You can buy it at the Lady Boss Loot website for $45 with free shipping to the USA. This comes in just under the cost of Sparkle Hustle Grow including their shipping cost. Both boxes are excellent. Why not buy one of each? They make for a fun business expense.

4.75 out of 5 stars


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