Unboxing: The CatPack August 2017 Flower Power subscription box

I admit it. I’m a crazy cat lady. In my years on this earth, I have never gone longer than a month without having a cat to snuggle with. I love their independent streaks and their larger-than-life personalities. I even love cranky kitties. My current four-legged love, Persephone, is meaner than a junkyard dog when she’s around visitors or other animals, but the cuddles she gives me makes up for it all. We just pop her in the bedroom when we have company. It eases her anxiety and keeps her from eating the guests.

Anyway, I found a new subscription box that caters to female cat owners and their fur-babies. It’s called The CatPack. They were offering a coupon worth $15 off your first box last month, so I couldn’t resist signing up for a one-time package to try them out. You’ll see the cute box they were mailed in up above. It was a little beaten up by the time it got here, but luckily there was nothing breakable inside.

The CatPack August 2017 Flower Power kitty items

The first items I pulled from the box were for Persephone. It was a flower power theme, so there was a crocheted flower granny square catnip toy, a Cosmic Catnip plastic flower toy with catnip gel and a pretty floral handmade collar. Persephone is currently working her way off a bland food diet due to digestive issues, so I didn’t want to give her the crochet toy just yet, but she can’t get to the catnip gel in the plastic flower, so I deemed that safe to use. She loved batting it around. She didn’t get as crazy with it as she does with toys filled with real catnip, but she still had fun. We haven’t tried the collar on her yet because she’s still rocking a calming collar from our move, but it looks sturdily made and has a pretty rose design that will look great against her black fur. It also has a plastic clasp and a ring for tags.

The CatPack August 2017 Flower Power human items

Next were the items for me. Like most of the cat items, these were both handmade. One was a cute cosmetics bag with cat ears and the other was an enamel pin with a cat curled around flowers. I love them both and the pin especially looks professional. I have a laptop bag that I attach favorite pins to, which is where this one will be going. The makeup bag will be great when I just want to carry a few pieces with me.

This box has a $45.95 price tag with free shipping. I felt like there weren’t a lot of items for that price, but with everything being handmade, they have a higher value for the work that went into them. The company is just starting up and I expect they’ll get better as they go along. If you’re looking for more commercial items, there are other companies out there that cater to that more. Just have a look on Google.

If you’d like to try The CatPack, click here for more information. They have a deal on their website right now for $8 off your first box with coupon code PAMPER8. September’s theme is (did you guess?) Pamper Cat Pack. Think bath and spa items for you as well as some fun items for your kitty.

4 out of 5 stars


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